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r-cran-rcmdr R Commander

GNU R platform-independent basic-statistics GUI

6,122 users

rasmol RasMol (GTK version)

Visualize biological macromolecules

15,124 users

reinteract Reinteract

Worksheet-based graphical Python shell

422 users

rkward RKWard

a KDE frontend to the R statistics language

5,350 users

root-system-bin ROOT

Numerical data analysis framework - general applications

8,222 users

scilab Scilab

Scientific software package for numerical computations

18,545 users

seaview SeaView

Multiplatform interface for sequence alignment and phylogeny

1,902 users

sixpack SIXpack

full-featured package for XAS analysis

603 users

snappea Snappea 3-Manifold Creator

a program for creating and studying hyperbolic 3-manifolds

1,020 users

yorick-spydr Spydr

FITS image display and simple analysis

557 users

starplot StarPlot Star Chart Viewer

3-dimensional perspective star map viewer

9,625 users

stellarium Stellarium

real-time photo-realistic sky generator

70,538 users

survex-svxedit SvxEdit Cave Survey Data Editor

survey data editor for Survex

885 users

tree-ppuzzle tree-ppuzzle

Parallelized reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood

1,268 users

tree-puzzle tree-puzzle

Reconstruction of phylogenetic trees by maximum likelihood

2,230 users

treeviewx TreeView X

Displays and prints phylogenetic trees

2,490 users

ugene Unipro UGENE

integrated bioinformatics toolkit

555 users

fastlink unknown

A faster version of pedigree programs of Linkage

1,764 users

viewmol Viewmol

A graphical front end for computational chemistry programs.

3,115 users

viking Viking

GPS data editor, analyzer and viewer

8,793 users