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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

extcalc Extcalc

multifunctional scientific graphic calculator

5,998 users

tea TEA Text Editor

text editor with syntax highlighting & UTF support

5,869 users

komparator Komparator

directories comparator for KDE

5,777 users

fantasdic Fantasdic dictionary

dictionary application

5,721 users

ktranslator ktranslator

translate words from one language to another

5,696 users

bookmarkbridge Bookmarkbridge

tool to synchronize bookmarks between browsers

5,639 users

gnomecatalog Gnome Catalog

catalog CD, DVD and hard disk files

5,553 users

disksearch DiskSearch

Removable media search tool

5,514 users

gnote Gnote

desktop note taking program using Wiki style links

5,479 users

gdecrypt GDecrypt

GUI for mapping/mounting and creating encrypted volumes

5,415 users

gns3 gns3 Graphical Network Simulator

graphical network simulator

5,356 users

purrr Purrr

This is Purrr, mass file rename tool written in PyGTK

5,310 users

wmgui Wmgui

GUI interface to the wiimote

5,156 users

ebview EBView

EPWING dictionary viewer

5,150 users

xnc XNC

X Northern Captain nc/mc-like filemanager for X

5,107 users

granule Granule

flashcard program for learning new words

5,093 users

aclock.app AClock

Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep

5,031 users

qlandkarte QLandkarte

Transitional package for QLandkarteGT

4,932 users

dfo Desktop Flickr Organizer

Desktop Flickr Organizer for GNOME

4,910 users

kkbswitch KKBSwitch

keyboard layout indicator for KDE

4,894 users