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gcal-common gcal-common

gcal architecture independent files

349 users

gcalcli gcalcli

Google Calendar Command Line Interface

1,430 users

gcin-qt3-immodule gcin-qt3-immodule

an QT3 input method module with gcin as backend

2,874 users

gcin-qt4-immodule gcin-qt4-immodule

an QT4 input method module with gcin as backend

207 users

gddrescue gddrescue

the GNU data recovery tool

14,579 users

genisovh genisovh

Make CD-ROMs bootable for SGI MIPS machines

160 users

geoclue geoclue

Geographic information framework

7,254 users

geoclue-examples geoclue-examples

GeoClue example clients

144 users

geoclue-geonames geoclue-geonames

Geocoder provider for GeoClue (geonames)

192 users

geoclue-gpsd geoclue-gpsd

Position server for GeoClue (GPS)

250 users

geoclue-gsmloc geoclue-gsmloc

Position server for GeoClue (GSM)

203 users

geoclue-hostip geoclue-hostip

Position server for GeoClue (hostip)

6,350 users

geoclue-localnet geoclue-localnet

Position server for GeoClue (GPS)

6,369 users

geoclue-manual geoclue-manual

Position server for GeoClue (manual)

6,339 users

geoclue-plazes geoclue-plazes

Position server for GeoClue (Plazes)

147 users

geoclue-yahoo geoclue-yahoo

Map and geocode server for GeoClue (Yahoo)

6,027 users

geotranz geotranz

GEOgraphic coordinates TRANslator

260 users

gfxboot-theme-nld gfxboot-theme-nld

NLD theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders

1,609 users

gfxboot-theme-sles gfxboot-theme-sles

SLES theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders

1,513 users

gfxboot-theme-suse gfxboot-theme-suse

SuSE theme for gfxboot-compliant boot loaders

1,753 users

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