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kate Kate

KDE 4 Advanced Text Editor

259,923 users

devede DeVeDe

simple application to create Video DVDs

94,572 users

gmountiso Gmount-iso

This is Gmountiso, a PyGTK GUI to mount your cd images

81,533 users

gcalctool Calculator

GNOME desktop calculator

1,502,360 users

vboxgtk VBoxGtk

simple GTK+ frontend for VirtualBox

15,710 users

gnome-terminal Terminal

The GNOME terminal emulator application

1,465,098 users

gedit gedit

official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment

1,465,706 users

wammu Wammu

GTK application to control your mobile phone

40,161 users

gnome-commander GNOME Commander

nice and fast file manager for the GNOME desktop

76,321 users

cairo-dock-core GLX-Dock (Cairo-Dock with OpenGL)

A light and eye-candy dock to launch your programs (core package)

25,720 users

knotes KNotes

KDE sticky notes

246,662 users

gucharmap Character Map

Unicode character picker and font browser

1,505,111 users

mountmanager MountManager

User-friendly management of disks and partitions

21,434 users

gnome-genius Genius Math Tool

advanced general purpose calculator program (Gnome frontend)

9,290 users

vim-gnome GVim Text Editor

Vi IMproved - enhanced vi editor - with GNOME2 GUI

95,094 users

gpsdrive GpsDrive

Car navigation system

16,010 users

terminator Terminator

multiple GNOME terminals in one window

25,882 users

pterm PuTTY Terminal Emulator

PuTTY terminal emulator

12,929 users

unace ACE

extract, test and view .ace archives

120,935 users

gconf-editor Configuration Editor

An editor for the GConf configuration system

1,469,694 users