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esteidutil esteidutil

EstEID smartcard management tool

394 users

glfer glfer

program for reception and transmission of QRSS/DFCW signals

971 users

gtkperf GtkPerf

GTK+ performance benchmark

2,140 users

rsibreak RSIBreak

utility to help prevent repetitive strain injury for KDE 4

2,914 users

kupfer Kupfer

fast and lightweight desktop summoner/launcher

1,388 users

password-gorilla Password Gorilla

a cross-platform password manager

2,433 users

gconjugue GConjugue

gtk program to conjugate Brazilian verbs

1,506 users

pcmanfm-nohal PCMan File Manager

an extremely fast and lightweight file manager for X

1,050 users

peless peless

Text browser

467 users

keurocalc KEuroCalc

universal currency converter and calculator - binary package

2,882 users

nedit NEdit

powerful, customizable, Motif based text editor

7,700 users

jargoninformatique Jargon Informatique

French dictionary of computer vocabulary

3,924 users

konsolekalendar KonsoleKalendar

KDE konsole personal organizer

36,296 users

qrfcview qRFCView

viewer for IETF RFCs

1,195 users

twpsk twpsk

Soundcard-based X program for operating PSK31

991 users

gtkwhiteboard GTK Wiimote Whitebaord

GTK+ Wiimote Whiteboard

1,179 users

qwo qwo

An efficient input method for touch screens

148 users

disksearch DiskSearch

Removable media search tool

5,514 users

btnx-config btnx

graphical user interface for btnx

2,687 users

prefixsuffix PrefixSuffix

gui application that renames batches of files

2,499 users