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countrycodes countrycodes

ISO 3166 country code finder

484 users

cowbuilder cowbuilder

pbuilder running on cowdancer

268 users

cpipe cpipe

counting pipe

278 users

cpufrequtils cpufrequtils

utilities to deal with the cpufreq Linux kernel feature

26,205 users

cramfsswap cramfsswap

swap endianess of a cram filesystem (cramfs)

191 users

csstidy csstidy

CSS parser and optimiser

2,751 users

cstream cstream

general-purpose stream-handling tool similar to dd

674 users

csvtool csvtool

a handy command line tool for handling CSV files

246 users

cue2toc cue2toc

converts CUE files to cdrdao's TOC format

2,870 users

cuetools cuetools

tools for manipulating CUE/TOC files

7,559 users

curlftpfs curlftpfs

filesystem to access FTP hosts based on FUSE and cURL

7,136 users

cvs-mailcommit cvs-mailcommit

Send CVS commitments via mail

145 users

cvs-syncmail cvs-syncmail

Notification program for CVS checkins

200 users

daa2iso daa2iso

The DAA files (Direct Access Archive) to ISO converting tool

243 users

dact dact

Multi-algorithm compression

328 users

daemon daemon

turns other processes into daemons

5,419 users

dar dar

Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files

14,344 users

dar-static dar-static

Disk ARchive: Backup directory tree and files

542 users

dares dares

rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs (ncurses-interface)

4,018 users

dares-qt dares-qt

rescue files from damaged CDs and DVDs (Qt-interface)

3,956 users

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