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viking Viking

GPS data editor, analyzer and viewer

8,793 users

speedcrunch SpeedCrunch

High precision calculator

236,920 users

keepassx KeePassX

Cross Platform Password Manager

37,586 users

resapplet Resolution Switcher

A small applet to change your screen resolution

12,142 users

dlume Dlume

Simple and easy to use addressbook (GTK+)

1,478 users

blueproximity BlueProximity

locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device

11,334 users

minbar Minbar Prayer Times

GNOME Islamic prayer times application

2,990 users

hotwire Hotwire Shell

Extensible graphical command execution shell

4,469 users

beagle Search

indexing and search tool for your personal data

66,213 users

gresistor gResistor

resistor color code calculator

3,556 users

kmymoney2 KMyMoney

personal finance manager for KDE

32,035 users

inkblot Inkblot

GNOME ink level monitor

9,319 users

mysql-client MySQL Client

MySQL database client (metapackage depending on the latest version)

122,185 users

dfo Desktop Flickr Organizer

Desktop Flickr Organizer for GNOME

4,910 users

gddccontrol Monitor Settings

a program to control monitor parameters

15,673 users

pyrenamer pyRenamer

mass file renamer written in PyGTK

13,102 users

emacs22 Emacs 22 (X11)

The GNU Emacs editor (Emacs 22)

33,628 users

screenie-qt Screenie

fancy screenshot composer

2,083 users

tracker-search-tool Tracker Search Tool

metadata database, indexer and search tool - GNOME frontend

776,742 users

smb4k Smb4K

A Samba (SMB) share advanced browser for KDE

25,021 users