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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

opendict Dictionary OpenDict

computer dictionary for several dictionary formats

10,187 users

deb-gview Debian Package Viewer

GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents

9,989 users

gprename GPRename

Complete batch renamer for Linux

9,758 users

gelemental Periodic Table

Periodic Table viewer

9,515 users

gpar2 GPar2

A GUI for verifying and repairing PAR and PAR2 recovery sets

9,513 users

matchbox-keyboard Keyboard

on-screen keyboard

9,507 users

xournal Xournal

GTK+ Application for note taking

9,326 users

inkblot Inkblot

GNOME ink level monitor

9,319 users

gnome-genius Genius Math Tool

advanced general purpose calculator program (Gnome frontend)

9,290 users

gtg Getting Things GNOME!

organizer for the GNOME desktop environment

9,286 users

stopwatch Stopwatch

A virtual stopwatch and timer

8,980 users

easycrypt Easy Crypt

simple GUI for managing TrueCrypt crypts

8,951 users

texmacs GNU TeXmacs Editor

WYSIWYG mathematical text editor using TeX fonts

8,822 users

viking Viking

GPS data editor, analyzer and viewer

8,793 users

fontypython Fonty Python

Find, view and manage font files of all kinds

8,774 users

subdownloader SubDownloader

subtitle download/upload manager for video files

8,626 users

emacs-snapshot Emacs Snapshot (GTK)

The GNU Emacs editor (development snapshot)

8,488 users

knmap knmap

KDE interface to nmap, the Network Mapper

8,432 users

gourmet Gourmet Recipe Manager

A gtk-based recipe organizer and shopping list generator

8,334 users

gsmartcontrol GSmartControl

graphical user interface for smartctl

8,279 users