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An e-mail client for GNOME

Balsa is a highly configurable and robust mail client for the GNOME desktop.
It supports both POP3 and IMAP servers as well as the mbox, maildir and mh
local mailbox formats. Balsa also supports SMTP and/or the use of a local MTA
such as Sendmail.

Some of Balsa's other features include:
* Allowing nested mailboxes
* Printing
* Spell Checking
* Multi-threaded mail retrieval
* MIME support (view images inline, save parts)
* GPE Palmtop, LDAP, LDIF and vCard address book support
* Multiple character sets for composing and reading messages
* File attachments on outgoing messages
* GPG/OpenPGP mail signing and encryption

Support for Kerberos and SSL has been enabled in this package.

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