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core package for Boson

Boson is a real-time strategy game (RTS), similar in feel to games such as
Command & Conquer and StarCraft. War can be waged both on the ground and
in the air, with large numbers of units all attacking simultaneously
-- defensive turrets can protect your base, while your A-10 attack aircraft
strike at enemy tanks before they can destroy your oil refinery. Combat is
affected by wind, natural obstacles such as trees, and diverse terrain.

Boson also features an advanced graphics core with shader-powered ground
and water rendering, reflections, waves in the water, smooth fog of war
transitions, night and day lighting effects, and explosive particle effects.
Individual units have their own movement patterns, animations, multiple
weapons, and intelligent pathfinding. Boson is currently best played with
human players, but a computer AI is included for single player battles.

Boson also has world and unit editors for players that want to customize
their battles. A number of sample missions and maps are also available.

This package provides the binaries to run Boson.

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