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integrated development environment for OCaml

Cameleon is a set of tools and libraries put together to create an
integrated development environment for the OCaml programming language.

Its main features are :
- graphical user interface,
- configuration management based on CVS,
- easy access to and browsing of documentation,
- various editors, according to customizable file types,
- use of plug-ins to define new features,
- highly customizable interface (menus, toolbar, keyboard shortcuts).

Tools shipped are :
- Chamo, a source code editor based on the GtkSourceView widget with some
emacs-like functionality,
- DBforge, a tool to describe database schemas and generate OCaml code to
access these databases,
- OCamlCVS, a graphical front end for the CVS configuration management
- Report, a tool aims to make generation of XML documents from OCaml
applications easier,

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