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Organize photos on your iPod, freely!

GPixPod is a new PyGTK application to organize photos and photo
albums on recent photo-capable Apple iPod models, developed by
Flavio Gargiulo,

It is at the moment the free, open source and cross-platform
alternative to iTunes for uploading photos on your iPod. Its
approach to modify manually the elements in the Photo Database
of your iPod could be also more useful than the syncing-only
method of iTunes.

For the GNU/Linux user, it is the perfect complement of GtkPod
and similar programs (such as Rhythmbox, Banshee) which organize
music and videos. In fact, managing photos was the only feature
of my iPod that I was not able to use from my GNU/Linux box:
thus I decided to write my own application, following the great
documentation about the formats of the files on the iPod found
on the portal.

Nothing could have been done without the great effort in
documenting done on that wiki. Special thanks go to Henryk Plotz,
for its original concept code.

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