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dungeon crawl game - Qt interface

NetHack is a wonderfully silly, yet quite addictive, Dungeons &
Dragons-style adventure game. You play a character from one of many
classes (such as wizard, ranger, or tourist), fighting your way down to
retrieve the Amulet of Yendor (try saying THAT one backwards!) for your
god. On the way, you might encounter a quantum mechanic or two, or
perhaps King Arthur, or - if you're REALLY lucky - the Ravenous
Bugblatter Beast of Traal.

You should install a front-end for NetHack if you
wish to play the game. Each of them includes the
original non-graphical version, and they can all be installed
at the same time:
- nethack-console: no graphics, just plain NetHack;
- nethack-x11 : original X11/Athena-based graphical version;
- nethack-qt : Qt-based graphical version;
- nethack-lisp : Lisp window version.

This package provides the text and Qt-based graphical versions
of NetHack.

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