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Nextview EPG decoder and browser

In this software package you find a decoder for Nextview - an Electronic
TV Programme Guide for the analog domain (as opposed to the various digital
EPGs that come with most digital broadcasts). It allows you to decode and
browse TV programme listings for most of the major networks in Germany,
Austria, France and Switzerland.

Currently, Nextview EPG is transmitted by:
* in Germany and Austria: Kabel1, 3Sat, RTL-II, EuroNews
(coverage: apx. 31 networks)
* in Switzerland: SF1, TSR1, TSI1, EuroNews, 3sat, Kabel1
(coverage: apx. 37 networks)
* in France: Canal+, M6 (coverage: 8 networks)
* in Turkey: TRT-1 (coverage: 17 networks)

The EPG information is read from /dev/vbi, i.e. you need some TV card
which provides a VBI data stream. bttv cards work. zoran might work
too, but I haven't tested that due to lack of hardware...

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