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dancing simulation game similar to the kind in arcades

pydance is a dancing simulator, in which you must step on particular arrows
on the floor in time with music playing in the background. pydance supports
multiple difficulty levels for each song, background images and movies,
lyrics, freeze arrows, BPM changes and stops, and many common modifiers like
2x, drop, stealth, and so on.

pydance is interoperable with other dancing games, and can play the
popular DWI, SM, and KSF formats. It is capable of playing games similar
to Dance Dance Revolution, Pump It Up, ParaParaParadise, Dance ManiaX,
and Technomotion. It also implements several unique modes. You can also
make your own steps for songs in the .dance format.

Many Playstation to USB (or parallel) adapters are supported for play. If
you lack a dance pad, you can also play with the keyboard.

This package does not contain any songs to play pydance with. For that,
see the pydance-music package. You may also install your own separate
data files (for example, if you own other proprietary dancing games).

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