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tsclient Terminal Server Client

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front-end for viewing of remote desktops in GNOME

tsclient is a GNOME program for remotely accessing Microsoft Windows NT/2000
Terminal Services and XP Remote Desktop Sharing as implemented by the Remote
Desktop Protocol (RDP). Using the rdesktop program as a backend, tsclient
allows users to access and view their desktops as stored on remote Windows
NT/2000/XP servers.

Some of tsclient's features include:
* A GNOME panel applet to quickly launch saved RDP files
* Support for RDPv5 and rdesktop-1.3 arguments
* Reading .rdp files in the MS Unicode format
* Writing .rdp files in ASCII (for compatibility with the MS client)
* A "RDP picker" which lists .rdp files in ~/.tsclient/ and launches
rdesktop from the rdp file when selected

tsclient also supports:
* VNC clients (*vncviewer)
* Citrix ICA client
* X via Xnest

Author: Erick Woods

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