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Quranic Study Tool

Zekr is an open platform Quran study tool for simply browsing and researching
on the Holy Quran (Koran).

A few selected features:
- Zekr supports managed/scoped searching of the whole Quran and translations,
with matching and non-matching diacritics;
- A builtin Quran recitation player;
- Revelation pack support (revelation order of suras or ayas);
- Advanced search using Lucene powerful text search library: Boolean
operators, groups, wild cards, scopes, ...;
- "Uthman Taha (experimental)" theme: This theme uses me_quran font (designed
by Meor Ridzuan) for rendering Quran ayas;
- Zekr is flexible in adding new plugins, themes, language packs, and Quran's
translations and recitations.

You can find more Quran translations and recitations in Zekr's website:

If you would like to aks for a solution of any problem you have with zekr,
report bugs, ask for new features, help in developing zekr, contribute in
documenting zekr and extending zekr's wiki, translate zekr in your native
language, and prepare Quran translations available in your language for zekr
you are welcome to the project Google group:

Please be advised that although the Quran text used in Zekr which is provided
by is one of the most accurate electronic Quran texts
passed both manual and automatic text verification processes, it may still
have typos. If you find any typos, please report it in the Google group
mentioned above.

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