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aisleriot AisleRiot Solitaire

Solitaire card games

380,172 users

subdownloader SubDownloader

subtitle download/upload manager for video files

8,626 users

webhttrack WebHTTrack Website Copier

Copy websites to your computer, httrack with a Web interface

23,132 users

moovida Moovida Media Center

The Moovida media center application

13,731 users

google-gadgets-gtk Google Gadgets (GTK)

GTK+ Version of Google Gadgets

18,827 users

shutter Shutter - Screenshot Tool

feature-rich screenshot program

17,450 users

alexandria Alexandria Book Collection Manager

a GNOME application for managing book collections

13,048 users

ksniffer KSniffer

network traffic analyzer for KDE

8,979 users

abe Abe's Amazing Adventure

Side-scrolling game named "Abe's Amazing Adventure"

11,638 users

gnome-splashscreen-manager Splash Screen

manage your GNOME splash screen images

144,887 users

gnome-chess Chess

chess client for the GNOME desktop environment

14,948 users

workrave Workrave

Repetitive Strain Injury prevention tool

11,480 users

netapplet Network Selector

User-friendly network interface control applet

20,367 users

adanaxisgpl Adanaxis

Action game in four spatial dimensions

12,476 users

prism-google-docs Google Docs

Google Docs WebApp for Prism

13,526 users

kleansweep KleanSweep

File cleaner for KDE

20,123 users

fretsonfire-game Frets on Fire

game of musical skill and fast fingers - Game files

23,086 users

kolourpaint4 KolourPaint

simple image editor for KDE 4

36,566 users

a7xpg A7Xpg

chase action game

6,562 users

dolphin Dolphin

file manager for KDE 4

274,841 users