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okular Okular

document viewer for KDE 4

138,554 users

omegat OmegaT

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool

1,991 users

tuxtype Tux Typing

Educational Typing Tutor Game Starring Tux

53,426 users

fontforge FontForge

font editor

64,879 users

gfax Gfax Facsimile Program

GNOME frontend for fax programs

9,936 users

conglomerate Conglomerate XML Editor

user-friendly XML editor

8,538 users

gtablix Gtablix Timetable Generator

graphical user interface for Tablix

1,315 users

kword KWord

a word processor for the KDE Office Suite

27,646 users

synfigstudio Synfig Studio

vector-based 2D animation package (graphical user interface)

29,574 users

multisync Multisync

A program to synchronize PIM data

36,780 users

gnotravex Tetravex

Tile puzzle game

290,217 users

freemind Freemind

Java Program for creating and viewing Mindmaps

31,352 users

convertall ConvertAll

very flexible unit converter

17,576 users

efax-gtk Efax-gtk

front end in GTK+ for the efax program

9,297 users

decibel-audio-player Decibel Audio Player

simple and nice music player for the GNOME desktop

5,691 users

hydrogen Hydrogen

simple drum machine/step sequencer

62,229 users

istanbul Istanbul Desktop Session Recorder

Desktop session recorder producing Ogg Theora video

32,689 users

mdbtools-gmdb MDB Viewer

JET / MS Access database (MDB) file viewer

27,224 users

bygfoot Bygfoot

soccer (football) manager game featuring the most important European leagues

8,795 users

galternatives Alternatives Configurator

graphical setup tool for the alternatives system

19,162 users