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htop Htop

interactive processes viewer

96,203 users

postr Flickr Uploader

upload photos to Flickr

10,132 users

koffice KOffice

KDE Office Suite

17,872 users

konversation Konversation

user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE

160,344 users

tipptrainer Tipptrainer Typing Tutor

A program to learn touch typing

6,090 users

xgnokii Xgnokii

Datasuite for mobile phone management (X interface)

16,397 users

freeguide FreeGuide

offline TV programme guide

10,668 users

dvdstyler DVD Styler

cross platform DVD Authoring System for Video DVD Production

22,605 users

keepassx KeePassX

Cross Platform Password Manager

37,586 users

gui-apt-key APT Key Manager

Graphical Key Manager for APT

9,702 users

kbreakout KBreakOut

Breakout arcade game for KDE

33,964 users

mlterm Multilingual Terminal

MultiLingual TERMinal

2,924 users

policykit-gnome Authorizations

GNOME dialogs for PolicyKit

804,141 users

gcursor Cursor Selection

gnome cursor theme managing software

33,358 users

amor AMOR

KDE 4 desktop companion

43,572 users

geekast-binary Geekast

GNOME interface to peercast - binaries

6,323 users

hugin Hugin panorama creator

GUI tools for Hugin

58,948 users

gnome-lirc-properties Infrared Remote Control

Control panel to configure remote controls

7,749 users

kmplot KmPlot

mathematical function plotter for KDE 4

68,481 users

lyx LyX Document Processor

Document Processor

35,553 users