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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

configure-debian Configure-Debian

central configuration program for packages using debconf

17,244 users

gtodo Todo list

GNOME to-do list manager

12,150 users

viking Viking

GPS data editor, analyzer and viewer

8,793 users

gcstar GCstar Collections Manager

Manage your collections of movies, games, books, music and more

12,865 users

korganizer KOrganizer

KDE personal organizer

258,408 users

solfege GNU Solfege

Ear training software

14,259 users

aclock.app AClock

Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep

5,031 users

dlume Dlume

Simple and easy to use addressbook (GTK+)

1,478 users

kalarm KAlarm

KDE alarm message, command and email scheduler

57,143 users

resapplet Resolution Switcher

A small applet to change your screen resolution

12,142 users

scummvm ScummVM

free implementation of LucasArts' SCUMM interpreter

42,184 users

agave Agave

colorscheme designer for the GNOME desktop

55,737 users

minbar Minbar Prayer Times

GNOME Islamic prayer times application

2,990 users

comix Comix

GTK Comic Book Viewer

40,824 users

blueproximity BlueProximity

locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device

11,334 users

controlaula Classrooom control

Classroom management tool

514 users

klear Klear

DVB TV viewer and harddisk recorder for KDE

9,309 users

speedcrunch SpeedCrunch

High precision calculator

236,920 users

octave3.0 GNU Octave

GNU Octave language for numerical computations (3.0 branch)

25,782 users

labyrinth Labyrinth Mind-mapping

lightweight mind-mapping tool

14,921 users