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devhelp Devhelp

A GNOME developers help program

55,239 users

paman PulseAudio Manager

PulseAudio Manager

100,729 users

pavucontrol PulseAudio Volume Control

PulseAudio Volume Control

113,343 users

pybackpack File Backup Manager

user friendly file backup tool for GNOME

12,632 users

fslview FSLView

viewer for (f)MRI and DTI data

1,163 users

neverputt Neverputt

3D miniature golf game

8,889 users

klinkstatus KLinkStatus

web link checker for KDE 4

72,548 users

prism-google-calendar Google Calendar

Google Calendar WebApp for Prism

16,128 users

viruskiller Virus Killer

Game about viruses invading your computer

7,503 users

enemylines7 Enemylines7

first person 3d-shooter game

11,980 users

kspaceduel KSpaceDuel

SpaceWar! arcade game for KDE

62,465 users

foomatic-gui Printers

GNOME interface for configuring the Foomatic printer filter system

17,949 users

kompare Kompare

file difference viewer for KDE 4

68,403 users

gnobots2 Robots

Avoid robots game

288,247 users

gnuserv gnuclient

Allows you to attach to an already running Emacs

1,916 users

gnome-format Gnome Format

tool for formatting external memory media

14,392 users

qt4-designer Qt 4 Designer

graphical designer for Qt 4 applications

54,268 users

freealchemist FreeAlchemist

simpler figure block game

1,246 users

rosegarden Rosegarden

music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer

38,650 users

sbackup Simple Backup Config

Simple Backup Suite for desktop use

60,525 users