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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

minirok Minirok

a small music player written in Python and inspired by Amarok

3,165 users

kgoldrunner KGoldrunner

Lode Runner arcade game for KDE

63,884 users

cervisia Cervisia

CVS client for KDE 4

52,184 users

khangman KHangMan

Hangman word puzzle for KDE 4

63,282 users

partitionmanager KDE Partition Manager

A partition management utility

11,358 users

xserver-xorg-input-evtouch Calibrate Touchscreen

Touchscreen-Driver for X.Org/XFree86 server

14,307 users

audex Audex

Audio grabber tool for KDE

4,056 users

scite SciTE Text Editor

Lightweight GTK-based Programming Editor

27,459 users

conduit Conduit Synchronizer

synchronization tool for GNOME

18,177 users

granule Granule

flashcard program for learning new words

5,093 users

qlix Qlix

Manage MTP devices

1,175 users

rhinote Rhinote

virtual sticky-notes for your desktop

2,281 users

smartpm Smart Package Manager

An alternative package manager that works with dpkg/rpm

7,376 users

touchfreeze TouchFreeze

a facility for disabling touchpad tap-to-click function

3,617 users

xsabre SABRE

fighter plane simulator for X11

6,350 users

umbrello Umbrello

UML modelling tool and code generator

35,791 users

vice Commodore 128

The Versatile Commodore Emulator

5,688 users

faumachine FAUmachine

Virtual machine running in user mode

1,015 users

kphone Kphone

Voice over IP (VoIP) phone application

8,207 users

sqlitebrowser SQLite database browser

GUI editor for SQLite databases

13,554 users