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tasks Tasks

a simple to do manager

5,635 users

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pybliographer Pybliographic Bibliography Manager

tool for manipulating bibliographic databases

6,027 users

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coqide CoqIDE Proof Assistant

proof assistant for higher-order logic (gtk interface)

2,542 users

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emboss-explorer EMBOSS Explorer

web-based GUI to EMBOSS

605 users

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exfalso Ex Falso

audio tag editor for GTK+

30,650 users

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fastdnaml fastDNAml

Tool for construction of phylogenetic trees of DNA sequences

2,234 users

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pgadmin3 pgAdmin III

graphical administration tool for PostgreSQL

29,169 users

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gvrng GvRng

Interactive, introductory programming language

4,407 users

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jajuk Jajuk

advanced jukebox and music organizer

2,189 users

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josm Josm

Editor for OpenStreetMap

4,409 users

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mscore MuseScore

Dummy transitional package for musescore

27,745 users

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system-config-kickstart Kickstart

graphical tool for creating Kickstart files

6,196 users

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wininfo X Window Information

displays information about X windows under the mouse cursor

5,046 users

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bibledit Bibledit

Bible translation tool

4,625 users

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bibus Bibus

bibliographic database

3,311 users

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gpass Password Manager

The password manager for GNOME2

6,558 users

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xcdroast X-CD-Roast

X based CD-writer software

31,125 users

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kcolorchooser KColorChooser

color chooser and palette editor for KDE 4

22,026 users

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kword-data KWord

data files for KWord word processor

28,848 users

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parley Parley

vocabulary trainer for KDE 4

33,174 users

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