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jokosher Jokosher Audio Editor

simple and easy to use audio multi-tracker

16,992 users

krita-data Krita

data files for Krita painting program

55,987 users

medit medit

A useful programming and around-programming text editor

4,499 users

nekobee Nekobee

Simple single-oscillator DSSI plugin

1,452 users

pixbros PIX Bros

2D game inspired in Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros and Tumble Pop

1,899 users

project-x ProjectX

DVB demuxing tool

7,268 users

gbemol gbemol

Graphical frontend for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

620 users

ksystemlog KSystemLog

system log viewer for KDE 4

229,891 users

okteta Okteta

hexeditor for binary files for KDE 4

22,462 users

qamix QAMix

Configurable mixer for ALSA

35,715 users

glob2 Globulation 2

innovative state-of-the-art Real Time Strategy (RTS) game

17,613 users

bkchem BKchem

Python based chemical structures editor

4,709 users

ripperx Ripper X

a GTK-based audio CD ripper/encoder

17,418 users

timidity-interfaces-extra TiMidity++ MIDI sequencer

TiMidity++ extra user interfaces

20,397 users

gpodder gPodder Podcast Client

A free podcast aggregator written in PyGTK

18,492 users

kwordquiz KWordQuiz

flashcard learning program for KDE 4

57,386 users

tasks Tasks

a simple to do manager

5,635 users

smart-notifier SMART Notifier

graphical hard disk health status notifier

10,844 users

crack-attack Crack Attack

multiplayer OpenGL puzzle game like "Tetris Attack"

15,592 users

gtkhash GtkHash

GTK+ utility for computing checksums and more

4,870 users