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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

littlewizard Little Wizard

development environment for children

7,118 users

kalgebra KAlgebra

algebraic graphing calculator for KDE 4

35,887 users

merkaartor Merkaartor

map editor for OpenStreetMap.org

3,752 users

ncmpcpp Ncmpcpp

ncurses-based client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

571 users

powermanga Powermanga

vertical shoot 'em up with colourful 3D graphics

11,114 users

traverso Traverso

Multitrack audio recorder and editor

2,993 users

vidalia Vidalia

controller GUI for the Tor software

6,041 users

lincity Lincity

build & maintain a city/country

13,140 users

pygmy Pygmy

PyGTK client for the Music Player Daemon (MPD)

1,442 users

chromium-bsu Chromium B.S.U.

fast paced, arcade-style, scrolling space shooter

14,477 users

lives LiVES

a Video Editing system allowing users to edit and create video

20,608 users

amsynth amSynth

two oscillator software synthesizer

10,757 users

horae Artemis

interactive graphical processing and analysis of EXAFS data

688 users

lwat Change Password

LDAP Web-based Administration Tool

938 users

klettres KLettres

foreign alphabet tutor for KDE 4

42,286 users

ktimetracker KTimeTracker

KDE time tracker tool

111,349 users

freebirth Freebirth

Bass synthesizer/sample player/sequencer

36,845 users

bugsquish Bug Squish

Bugs are trying to suck blood out of your arm!

8,079 users

goplay GoPlay!

games (and more) package browser using DebTags

3,117 users

bacula-traymonitor Bacula Monitor

network backup, recovery and verification - tray monitor

2,462 users