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Install clicks is available in Ubuntu. [?]

eric Eric python IDE

full featured Python IDE

15,995 users

jhbuild Build GNOME Modules

flexible build script for package collections

3,131 users

gnomecatalog Gnome Catalog

catalog CD, DVD and hard disk files

5,553 users

gtwitter gTwitter

Client for tracking and posting to twitter

6,457 users

iptux iptux

an intranet communication tool for Linux

1,744 users

bouml BOUML

UML2 tool box to specify and generate code

11,265 users

kiten Kiten

Japanese reference and study aid for KDE 4

22,910 users

kdepim-runtime Akonaditray

Runtime components for akonadi-kde

138,407 users

jamin JAMin

Audio mastering from a mixed down multitrack source with JACK

37,635 users

gosa-desktop GOsa

Desktop integration for GOsa

842 users

mathomatic Mathomatic

portable Computer Algebra System (CAS)

4,415 users

fslint FSlint

A utility to fix problems with filesystems' data, like duplicate files

22,075 users

kftpgrabber KFTPGrabber

ftp client for KDE

14,515 users

freedm Free DM

multiplayer-oriented maps for Doom

4,313 users

planets Planets

Gravitation simulation of planetary bodies

9,040 users

secpanel SecPanel

graphical user interface for SSH and SCP

6,162 users

mythbuntu-control-centre Mythbuntu Control Centre

Mythbuntu Configuration Application

15,795 users

wxbanker wxBanker Finance Manager

lightweight personal finance manager

1,648 users

jack-rack JACK Rack

LADSPA effects "rack" for JACK

41,862 users

lat LDAP Administration Tool

LDAP Administration Tool

4,468 users