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yate-gtk2 Yate

YATE and GTK+ 2 based universal telephony client

2,116 users

gbirthday GBirthday

birthday reminder for Evolution Contacts

1,823 users

katoob Katoob

A Gtk2 light weight multilingual BiDi aware text editor

1,212 users

sweeper Sweeper

history and temporary file cleaner for KDE 4

26,700 users

livemix LiveMix - Live Mixer

Simple mixer for live performances

3,411 users

performous Performous

karaoke game that allows user supplied songs

3,875 users

tuxpuck Tuxpuck

"Shufflepuck Cafe" Clone

10,143 users

dictionaryreader.app Dictionary Reader

Dict client for GNUstep

1,993 users

knetdockapp KNetDockApp

Network activity monitor applet for KDE

3,876 users

w3af w3af

framework to find and exploit web application vulnerabilities

934 users

mit-scheme MIT/GNU Scheme

MIT/GNU Scheme development environment

2,554 users

bitpim BitPim

utility to communicate with many CDMA phones

10,412 users

kbibtex KBibTeX

BibTeX editor for KDE

16,525 users

starplot StarPlot Star Chart Viewer

3-dimensional perspective star map viewer

9,625 users

gnomad2 Gnomad 2

Manage a Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox

14,766 users

kq KQ

adventure game in the spirit of Final Fantasy

11,897 users

pytrainer pyTrainer sport training log

The Free Sport Training Center

989 users

kollision Kollision

simple ball dodging game for KDE

29,873 users

alienblaster AlienBlaster

Classic 2D shoot 'em up

5,077 users

amide Amide

software for Medical Imaging

2,635 users